Dressing Service

We know more then most how stressful the morning of your wedding can be,
so why not let us assist you one last time but having one of our fully trained
members of staff dress you on the morning of your wedding?
Packages start at £35 and are priced individually on how many people you
would like us to dress, and where you will be getting ready on your big day.
We cover the whole of England and can be tempted to cross the borders
if you need us too! 
So whether you want to treat yourself to being professionally dressed,
or have help with your bridesmaids and family members we have time
to help you all.
And don't forget the man in your life may need a hand too!!
If you would like to make an enquiry about this service please fill in the
form below and we will contact you to go through the final details.
Final Touches
  • Who will need dressing: