Mens Formal Hire

All of our mens wear stick is now available at amazing prices. 
We will be updating this page soon, but in the mean time if you have
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The Tailcoat design is the traditional Morning Wear Suit,
with a single central button and the jacket line being cut away from the waist.
Available in Black, Navy, Green, Grey and Grey Pick on Pick.
Menbltc  MenGrTc  Mennavtc
Menpionpi  Mengreytc
Prince Edward
The Prince Edward Jacket is a modern twist on the Morning Wear Design,
with a three quarter length jacket with central button detail.
Available in Black, Navy, Chocolate Brown, Grey, Grey Mohair, Silver Grey,
Beige and Cream.
   Menmope  Menchildblpe  Mengreype
Mennavpe  MenChoc
Highland Wear
 There is a selection of 11 tartans to choose from which is teamed with either the Prince Charlie or Argyll Jacket, or for a more informal highland look we also have Ghillie Shirts to Hire.
Kilt2  MHBIsland  MHStewart  MHNatPride
Kilt1  MHDouglas  MHMacenzie  MHMaclean
MHPoIreland  MHBraveheart  MHPoWales 
Evening Wear
Work event, party, ball, prom, or fancy dress, whatever the occassion we have got an evening wear package to suit your needs, from the tradtional Single Breasted Dinner Jacket to the sophisticated Evening Tailcoat.
Menwcdj  MenEvtc
Mensbdj  MenDBdj
Waistcoat Designs
There is a stunning collection of waistcoats to complement your coulour scheme for your big day, with matching neckwear to complete your outfit.
MW6  MW11  MW17
MW1  MW22  MW3  MW13
MW8  MW5     MW4

MW23  MW16  MW19  MW14  MW7
MW9  MW2  MW15
To make an appointment to view our full collection please contact us
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